Try and be like Russell Westbrook for a day. I dare you!

Vincent Vitale By on February 7, 2017

The last time someone averaged a triple double in the NBA was when Oscar Robertson “The Big O” did it back in 61-62′. That should give you some historical context for the season that Russ is having. He’s averaging a modest 31-10-10 and is playing every game as it’s his last.

It’s working for him and his team too. This isn’t a stat chasing triple double season, this is a “we literally need you to lead every statistical category for our team to win” type of season. ESPN even has a Triple Double tracker for Russ.

Russell Westbrook

Russ’ talent can’t go unnoticed. It’s his passion for the game and playing hard that every kid and student of the game should be watching. It’s truly admirable how hard he plays every possession.

Name another profession where there’s a person that is going as hard as Russell Westbrook is this year. The equivalent would be if a CEO secured funding for their company, had a month of sales that rivaled the companies biggest competitor, and then they mopped the floors once the office closed.

Russ is literally doing it all.

This is why I challenge you to act like Russell Westbrook for one day in your own life. Try going that hard. It’s exhausting.

Let us know how you Westbrooked your day in the comments below!