There’s no denying it: we live in passionate times. Not since perhaps the 1960’s have we seen such civil engagement, political angst, and sense of community about the opinions we hold close — on both sides of the aisle.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to coordinate a demonstration. And if the aftermath of last week’s women’s march was any indication, the time of civil unrest isn’t going away soon.

Last Friday Washington D.C. was home to the March for Life, a collective movement for Pro Life Advocates hoping to overturn Roe v. Wade. A quick Facebook scroll shows marches coming in the next several months on the topics of LGBTQ, minority, religious persecution, sciences happening.

If coordinating is your thing, and you’re passionate about any of the topics that we debate as a nation on the daily, consider looking into opportunities to push your agenda (whatever it may be) forward. There are a lot of moving hands at work.

The Women’s Marches gathered approximately 4.8 million people from around the nation. While we know that this audience can’t sustain through the next four years, that doesn’t mean that the message and passion can’t be capitalized on. People can be informed and engaged daily. A media site that focuses on

Things to consider building: an informative website for the newly formed communities and the marketing from it. A larger, younger audience seeking political content will also demand a change in graphic design, website layout, and social content delivery. As we continue to become more passionate about the subjects, readers are going to seek more in-depth and engaging content.

New non-profits formulating from people’s “repressed” ideals. Grant writers, paralegals, accountants, and other people attached to the non-profit sector should be ready for a new wave of clients. The passionate political activist will be expected to be savvier at communicating their message, understanding the business side of politics, and becoming the multi-hyphenated one man show moving forward. Match the knowhow with the passion.

Good or Band: In every situation, there’s opportunity to be had.