Lunch and Learn with Joe Milam

Joe Milam is an entrepreneur, investor, and renowned money manager. He is also the  CEO of AngelSpan, which provides investor relations for early stage entrepreneurs. Questions Asked: What is the difference in raising money from individual angels versus angel groups? (4:29) What is the best PR/marketing startups should do that can drive customers/sales and not

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5 Steps To Keep A Founder Dispute From Tanking Your Startup

Founder disputes are one of the top reasons why startups fail. It has been written about, reported on, and even made into an infographic. Co-founding a startup is like getting married. You go from spending some time together, to spending all your time together, in a small space, and sharing your finances. On top of that, creating a business

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Do What You Are

So here you are, you just graduated with your 4-year degree and you’re wondering what to with your life. Up until this point, you were given a syllabus before every class letting you know what to expect and what the professor is expecting from you in order to get that nice shiny grade at the