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Living a Level 10 Life

How would you rate your life? Are you truly happy or are you pretending you are more satisfied than you are? Most of us tend to pretend everything is ‘OK’, while we feel resigned that life is ‘fine’ and is as good as it gets. I’m here to tell you that is a load of

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Day 25 of the No Sugar Challenge

Not sure if you tuned in for week 1 of the no sugar challenge but Bridget was out on day 2. 25 days have gone by and I still haven’t eaten sugar. This brings me back to the point of what does not eating sugar even mean? Basically it means no processed sugars, or sweets

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Week 1 Without Sugar! 40 day challenge.

If you haven’t read the original post, check it out here. The Spark Notes are, I’m going 40 days and nights without consuming processed sugars and I’m going to document the results with weekly articles. This is week 1! Day 1 without sugar 3/1/2017:  I made it through without any real struggle at all. I didn’t


5 Ways Technology Can Impact Your Health and how to counter them

Technology has transformed our lives, but we’re only now starting to understand the ways it may be transforming our health, too. And not necessarily for the better. My company, Protek, was founded to create products that make technology safer. Based on our research, here are five ways your tech use may be affecting your health,


Rockfire Grill: OC’s Newest Best Burger

Rockfire Grill serves American food, but with a fresh and healthy twist. Rockfire Grill makes burgers, flatbreads, and pizza on freshly baked flatbreads that are only cooked when a customer orders. The salads are made fresh as well and their 100% angus beef burgers are made from scratch and cooked to perfection. Their food as