Does anyone else find it hard to meet new people beyond the office?  Matt Crown, CEO & Founder of the Klique app, was working for a venture capital technology fund in New York City when he saw the void in the market for group meeting apps. “All the apps that were out there focused on one on one interactions versus group interaction . No one goes out one on one anymore, everyone goes out in groups,” claims Crown.

The app allows you to form a group of two to five people then view other groups planning on going out.  Like other prominent dating apps, you swipe right if you like the group or left if you don’t. The hope is after you swipe right, your group meets up with the other for a night out.

Crown decided to launch Klique in Miami since the tech scene there is up and coming, but not over saturate. Klique’s user base originated from all the focus groups Klique conducted with fraternities and sororities at Florida International University and University of Miami.

“The safety aspect of Klique really attracted our users, especially females,” says Crown. Besides the app being safer because you are meeting in groups, Klique requires you to take a live picture of the squad as opposed to one previously taken. Therefore, preventing an incident of group catfishing.

After eight months of beta testing, Klique has been live for a few months and already has over  10,000 active users. “Our users are most active on the weekends, but we hope to see that change as we roll out new features such as recommending places to go and partnering up with Miami nightlife and events” Crown states.

One of the most impressive aspects about Klique is how little money they have spent on marketing. Existing zealous users in the Miami area have wanted to use and promote the app for free. Beyond this free promotion, Klique’s number one marketing tool is their mascot, Diddy Kong, a finger monkey with almost 700,000 followers on Instagram.  Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg even follows Klique’s mascot. “I never thought my new pet finger monkey would be such a hit. I initially made him an Instagram page because he was really cute, not to promote Klique,” exclaimed Crown.  

Crown has also brought together a strategic team to help grow and scale Klique, “The strength in my team is in each person who displays professionalism and a goal to make Klique the best group social media app on the market today.  I have a great, winning team who has a unique combination of determination, hard work and dedication. My team strives on success and the will to be second to none in the industry.”

        Klique will continue adding new interactive features for app users. Be on the lookout for Klique in a city near you!

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