A lot of people have great ideas but don’t capture them properly. I am here to teach you how to hack the brainstorm and idea creating process. If you have trouble brainstorming and setting the mood for a proper brainstorm session this article is the ultimate hack for this process.


#1 Carry a Notebook.

I don’t want to hear you say “I can just use my iPhone notes.” No you can’t. When you’re in a meeting or are with people, you don’t want to detract from personal time by taking out your phone. It’s naturally frowned upon. But the ideas you come up with in an important meeting are incredibly valuable and can’t be forgotten! Having a notebook handy is the best way to capture ideas as they float into your brain.


#2 Don’t Elaborate in Too Much Detail

What do I mean by this? Well sometimes during brainstorm sessions people want to elaborate on every single detail to an idea. This is a bad practice because it eats into your creative session. Creative sessions are reserved for the creative, hammer out the details at a later date. Write down everything that comes to mind but don’t try to create a firm outline, just write down enough to remember your idea.


#3 Use Music to Guide Your Creative Process

There’s a big difference between having a brainstorm session silent and one with background noise or music. I find classical and EDM type music to be the most helpful. A great app/website that provides phenomenal brainstorm playlists is Focus@Will. I personally recommend the alpha chill or upbeat stations.


#4 Substance Helps

Personally a few beers gets me thinking and talking. Some of my best ideas have stemmed from grabbing a beer out and a cold nights breeze. If you don’t drink, that’s fine, rumor is sativa helps as well.


#5 Talk to People

Get out and about. Put yourself out there. Tell people your thoughts and ideas. Their perspective can open your mind to ideas that you never could have come up with by yourself. This is especially true when it comes to people who are well traveled or can offer a point of view from a culture you never would have been exposed to.


#6 Travel Someplace Cold

People are scientifically proven to focus and think better in cold climates. My friends in California are rolling over and sighing right now. Sorry guys, take that ski trip to Mammoth, grab a beer after a day of skiing and see what you can come up with. The cold weather is a powerful ally when harnessed properly.


#7 Read!

Stop watching Netflix and sports. Read something! For me personally I love non-fiction biographies about people that were successful. One of my favorite books is the Steve jobs biography. That book sent me on a whirlwind of reading where I learned thousands of different facts and theories which lead me to think of tons of ideas of my own. Reading someone else’s words is a great way to jump start your own.