DVLPING the environment for entrepreneurs

Victor Velazquez By on March 7, 2017

5:30- wake up

6:20- First cup of joe recap world news

6:45- 30 mins of 4DX ( suggested reading )

7:10- 45 mins educational development content

7:55- Research trends and competitive advantages

8:30- DVLPER



This is my routine. How do you start your day?


Being an entrepreneur is not easy but this is definitely some rewarding stuff. I’m a part of four start up’s and one early-stage known as DVLPER.


The most rewarding is seeing the growth of people within you’re organization alongside you. It all begins with building through trial and error the right culture for your business.


I remember the first week Brandon started working at DVLPER. After interviewing him it was clear to me that he had the right traits you should look for in a new hire : committed, open to learning, passionate, tries to figure things out on his own, and asks questions if need be. I shared the mission of our company and immediately noticed he’d fit right in. Six months later we both sat down before writing this and I asked him ” are you an entrepreneur? how has being a part of this group helped foster the entrepreneur in you?” He responded, ” Being around such driven entrepreneurs has shown me what is needed to be successful. Their mentorship forces me to grow and evolve as a person and a professional.”  All of this comes down to having the right environment to help enable the team with guidance, systems, and education. Understanding the fundamentals of relationships does help, looking at relationships as systems. We give and we get. Building culture is no easy task. You can’t just make somebody love what you love. Now if you get someone to believe in you as a leader and you keep accountable to the goals and expectations set, they will follow you wholeheartedly. Don’t cut corners, don’t B.S., and most importantly be  your genuine self.  What type of environment do you want to create? And Why?



I’ll use myself as an example. At DVLPER we have created an environment of learning, trial and error, transparency, and efficiency. This helps us build a team of like minded individuals. Couldn’t have said it better than Livio , “The cornerstone of entrepreneurship is the ability to make mistakes and learn from them, but no entrepreneur ever works alone. A community that embraces experimentation for an ultimate goal – and the possibility of utterly failing at accomplishing it – is essential in any endeavor at all levels of society.”


Sometimes it’s difficult to keep everyone on the same page especially when your business is scaling. Our solution is to hold a retrospective each week in which we ask a few questions across the board: What worked this week, what didn’t work, what we could do over the weekend, and what we could better next week. This really allows the group to open up and have a quick summary to help reinforce behaviors. Whether positive or negative having an open forum discussion with no judgement and recognition of error can help us learn from our mistakes.


Entrepreneurship is hard. It’s all about constant education, flexibility, committing, executing, and impacting countless people. Love what you do and share that passion with people. At the end of the day people buy your why – the story – not what. Relate to people. Give, give, give, and ask nothing in return. Take action right NOW, this very second. If you have cause you believe in build a team of missionaries and make it happen. Nobody, I repeat nobody is going to do it for you. This life is hard but rewarding. I am still on my journey! What’s yours?