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Lakers Have Credibility Again…Magically!

It was the fall of 2006 and my Laker fandom was as strong as ever watching a young Andrew Bynum fly down the lane for a monster dunk. I was at my buddy Adam’s parents house, who I have known since I was two, watching a game early on in that young season.  We both


Try and be like Russell Westbrook for a day. I dare you!

The last time someone averaged a triple double in the NBA was when Oscar Robertson “The Big O” did it back in 61-62′. That should give you some historical context for the season that Russ is having. He’s averaging a modest 31-10-10 and is playing every game as it’s his last. It’s working for him and

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Why isn’t anyone talking about Steph Curry? Nike…

Remember 2 years ago? Steph Curry set the world ablaze with unstoppable 3 point shooting, dazzling crossovers, and then he capped it off with an NBA championship. Then last year he did even better. He improved statistically across the board and won the MVP unanimously. He made shots that couldn’t have been made by anyone