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Five Things To Know Before You Launch An Investment Crowdfunding Campaign

Investment crowdfunding, also called equity crowdfunding, Title III, or Regulation Crowdfunding, is the raising of capital online in exchange for a return on investment, is growing quickly in popularity. In the six months since it became legal, nearly $13 million has been raised. If you’re thinking about conducting an investment crowdfunding campaign, here are five

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Start-up and Start-good

A quick search on “What’s the percentage of Millennials starting companies?” brings a slew of results ranging from “62% have considered starting their own business” to Bloomberg’s wet-blanket advice of “Millennials, you can’t afford a startup; it’s time to get a job!” That’s the full spectrum between idealist energy and conservative cynicism. Where should you

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Traklife Radio

The Startup: Traklife Radio The Story: Raised in Orange County with family ties in Los Angeles, Thomas Smith’s uncle Fax, an underground artist with deep roots in the Los Angeles Hip Hop scene, inspired him to make music of his own. Smith built his skills both as an entrepreneur and artist in various groups, eventually