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How to use Facebook Live to grow an audience

Facebook Live is a big opportunity that content creators need to be capitalizing on ! As audiences demand a more authentic and real-time experience live streaming is becoming increasingly popular. Live sessions allow the audience to interact real-time and this a unique environment to be in. If you can engineer a facebook live experience to

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Part 1: The Attorney-Client Relationship

Spiro Harrison is a diverse group of business-minded attorneys from big law backgrounds who have joined together to create a full-service law firm focused on serving emerging, high growth, and middle market companies.  We believe in providing value driven service to clients through high quality work and flexible fee structures that are tailored to the

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Finding Peace in the Chaos

Life in this modern, internet-driven world can often seem chaotic, so how do we find any peace in all of it if there is so much to do? Is finding peace even possible? The more the mind senses things are unknown, scary, or lack structure, the more it spins and spins. Peace comes from addressing

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Achieve Your Ultimate Goal

What is that thing you aim to SOMEDAY achieve? Maybe you aspire to write a book, travel the globe, expand your business, get married, or lose that weight. Why is it that this is a SOMEDAY thing and not a TODAY thing? Maybe it seems too hard, will take too long, is overwhelming, seems impossible,

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Your Practical Brand Marketing Strategy

When most people think about a brand marketing strategy, they think about identity. “Who are we as an organization? What should our logo look like? What colors and fonts should we use?” Those are all important things to nail down so that your brand is consistent when distributing public (and internal) communications. However, those things

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Lunch and Learn with Kaleigh Gilchrist

Kaleigh Gilchrist is most commonly known as a water polo player. She was part of the American team winning the gold medal at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships. Gilchrist also competed on the gold medal-winning US Women’s Olympic Team at the 2016 Summer Olympics. She is now pursuing a professional surfing career in hopes of

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Lunch and Learn with Sarah Schupp

Sarah Schupp is the CEO and founder of UniversityParent. UniversityParent is the the top site for college parents to find everything they need to help their students, starting with the application and acceptance process, all the way through to graduation. Questions Asked: Why did you get involved with educational technology? (1:49) How can educational be

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Lunch and Learn with Kris Ruby

Kristen Ruby is an entrepreneur and speaker. She is the President of Ruby Media Group and a Social Media/PR TV Commentator who has appeared in several TV networks such as Fox News. Questions Asked: When is the best time to hire a PR firm in a company’s growth phase? (1:25) What’s the best way to

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Lunch and Learn with Bogdan Constantin

Bogdan Constantin is the co-founder of Menguin Tuxedos, an online website that allows individuals to rent designer tuxedos for an affordable price. He is an expert in disrupting a billion dollar industry, and mastering customer acquisition, as well as scaling startups. Questions Asked: What growth metrics do you use for Menguin? (4:44) How do you

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Lunch and Learn with Dalip Jaggi

Dalip Jaggi is the co-founder of Devise Interactive. A company that engage audiences through effective brand experiences that are compelling yet beautiful by harmonizing creative design and innovative technology. They help brands communicate, achieve goals, and drive results. Video Link: Question asked: What are some of the personal things that you do around the office and

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Living a Level 10 Life

How would you rate your life? Are you truly happy or are you pretending you are more satisfied than you are? Most of us tend to pretend everything is ‘OK’, while we feel resigned that life is ‘fine’ and is as good as it gets. I’m here to tell you that is a load of

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5 Tips for Working with Family

My mom and I, among others, co-founded a startup that provides interpreting services for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing seven years ago, when I was 18; I’ve come back to my startup over the years, but in between I’ve worked a few odd-jobs that have made me realize just how strange, exhilarating, confusing, and sometimes suffocating

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The First Communication Hack you Need

You have most likely heard of growth hackers, or people who help you find shortcuts to accelerate your social media following. I’m not a growth hacker, but I am a communication hacker. I believe that entrepreneurship is the golden ticket, but communication is the skeleton key. Overlooking the importance of improving your communication skills as

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Lunch and Learn with Newchip

Ryan Rafols and Travis Brodeen are influential visionaries and the co-founders of Newchip. Newchip is a marketplace that consolidates investment opportunities and allows users to track and manage their investments. Ryan Rafols                                              

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Lunch and Learn with Alon Goren

Alon Goren is an entrepreneur, fintech, and crowdfunding expert. He is the founder of 805 Startups and Crowd Invest Summit. He is also a speaker, advisor, and an investor.     Questions Asked What is your morning routine like? (5:30) If I want to start a conference on campus, what are the main pieces of

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7 Things I Wish Someone Taught Me When I First Started Marketing Online

$103 billion dollars. This is how much the United States is on track to spend on digital marketing by 2019, as predicted by IronPaper []. Surprised? It makes sense given how advanced, trackable and transparent online marketing is compared to “traditional” offline marketing methods. It’s a small wonder why this is a popular, controllable way

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How to Make the most out of a co-working space

About the author: Taylor Decker is the Director of the Eureka Building in Orange County. After grinding it out in the entertainment industry for the better part of decade, Taylor came to a millennial impasse. With no college degree to speak of but an acumen for business operations and task management she decided to refocus

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Visualizing Your Success and Living Into It

What do you want for your life? I mean really, really want, without consideration for it being too ‘lofty’ of a goal or too ‘unattainable’? Many of us either compromise our goals because we feel like we need to prove something or take multiple steps before we can actually go after our REAL goal; when,

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Lunch and Learn with Alexander Mendeluk

Alexander Mendeluk is an actor, public speaker, and entrepreneur. He helps heart-centered entrepreneurs create businesses and lives that help change the world. He is known for his company SpiritHoods which was featured on an episode of Shark Tank. Since selling SpiritHoods last year, he now runs an influencer and brand development agency, called The Disruptive.

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Austin’s Best Place to Live (if you want to network)

“This day turned out dramatically different than I anticipated, I started the day thinking I was going to catch a coffee with my ex girlfriend, and now I am debating distributing Mezcal in London, I want to open up a Nandos in the States, I have a manufacturer connection in China and I’ve met a

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Lunch and Learn – Arel Moodie

Arel Moodie is an entrepreneur, author and speaker on likability, leadership and success. He is the founder of the College Success Program, The PlaceFinder, former partner of Empact, and host of the podcast The Art of Likability. Questions Asked: Do you have any routine that you do before you go up on stage? (4:28) Who

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Hollywood Celebrities Forging the Path for Your Small Business

When it comes to personal branding, celebrities seem to do it best. We see them and read about them everywhere. This creates a connection and builds what we know as celebrity status. In business today professionals can create a similar connection with prospects by developing their personal brand. “Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless