Sanket Patel

After a decade spent catering to the world’s most discerning clients, Sanket knows the secrets to curating the luxury lifestyle. Bringing this reservoir of knowledge to the urban man, Sanket serves as the Architect of the Modern Gentleman. As the Gentleman’s Coach, Sanket guides clients on a personal journey to prioritize their unique goals and truly embody the life of a gentleman.


DIFFICULT TAKES A DAY, IMPOSSIBLE TAKES A WEEK Jay Z Nothing, and I mean it so I’m going to repeat myself, nothing is impossible. I dare you to present me a problem that doesn’t have a solution and I will reference stories of infamous figures both alive and dead, successful business men, and that guy […]

Managing Spaces For Gentlemen

WE ARE WHAT WE REPEATEDLY DO. EXCELLENCE, THEN, IS NOT AN ACT, BUT A HABIT. Aristotle Whether you’ve heard it before or not, there is most definitely a correlation and if you don’t believe me, I challenge you to try it. Your life demands certain levels of organization. Think about your office. Why do you […]