Rahil Jetly

Rahil Jetly is an ambitious young professional who has extensive experience working with startups. He is currently working on a side project while seeking full-time employment. He just finished assisting the National Startup League, a non-profit organization, in reconstructing the curriculum that is used to teach students throughout the nation the skills necessary to become entrepreneurs.

TV Celebrity & Medical Expert Dr. Oz Interview On Peak Performance!

Dr. Oz sat and talked to Youngry on the proper diet, productivity and lifestyle habits needed to be on top of your game. He also discusses his national sleep project which we first covered here at CES 2017. Click here for the interview. Bonus: Get connected with Dr. Oz with his emmy nominated Dr. Oz [...]

Youngry Interviews Heather Dubrow

Youngry recently had the pleasure of interviewing Heather Dubrow, an actress who is commonly recognized for her role in The Real Housewives of Orange County. In this interview, we discuss her journey, advice, and her entrepreneurial pursuits! Questions Asked: How do you connect with your audience? (3:05) How do you balance your life? (3:45) Can […]

Lunch and Learn with Jenny Q Ta

Jenny Q. Ta is the founder and CEO of Sqeeqee, a social networking site that allows users to buy, sell, socialize, and monetize. With her start on Wall Street and over 20 years of experience, Ms. Ta has become a household name that many look up to. Questions Asked: What would be your advice for […]

Lunch and Learn with Lisa Song

Lisa Song Sutton is a model, entrepreneur, real estate broker, and businessowner. She is also a TV Host and influencer who speaks and engages with young minds about the many ways to become a successful entrepreneur. Questions Asked: You were named to a list of badass social media superstars/disruptors how did you get to that […]

Chris Valentine Shares Overall Trends

SXSW Accelerator event organizer Chris Valentine discusses the overall trends or highlight some of this year’s most interesting companies. As a startup thought leader, Chris is directly involved in selecting Accelerator alums that have gone on to earn over $3.1 billion in funding.

Youngry Interviews Warren G While At SXSW

While at SXSW, Youngry Co-Founder and CEO Ash Kumra interviews the one, the only, Warren G. In this interview, Warren sheds some light on his thoughts about his new movie G-Funk, some sage advice on authenticity, and even demonstrates some of his legendary rapping skills!

Youngry News: Austin – Episode 3

In this episode of Youngry News: Austin, Vince Vitale sits down with lifestyle blogger Jane Ko founder of A Taste of Koko to discuss the Do’s and Dont’s of South By Southwest.

Youngry News: Austin- Episode 2

In this episode of Youngry News: Austin, editor-in-chief Vince Vitale sits down with Freddy del Barrio to discuss the state of entrepreneurship in Austin, TX. “You know, there are more startups in Austin than there are in San Francisco…” – Freddy del Barrio

Youngry News: Austin – Episode 1

Episode 1 of Youngry News: Austin. In this episode, David Kogan of Veggie Noodle Co. shares his thoughts about the state of entrepreneurship in Austin. See the episode here.

Youngry News OC- Episode 1

Here we are with our first episode of Youngry News Orange County! Youngry News aims to provide you with educational content from industry leaders in the area in regards to entrepreneurship. In this episode, we talk with Mark Deppe who is the co-founder and Director of UCI E-Sports about E-Sports and the state of the industry. […]

Entrepreneurial Avenues of Entry into the Gaming Industry

Gaming has come a long way since the first game machine was unveiled in the mid 1900s; what was once limited to bulky arcade games can now be done on unimaginably small consoles and even on the very machines you’re likely using now – computers or smartphones! It’s clear to see that videogames have been […]

Gamers and Entrepreneurs Have More in Common Than You Think

What comes to mind when you think of gamers? How about when you think of entrepreneurs? If you’re like most people, the two mental images seem very different- largely due to stereotypes. Many individuals stereotypically think of entrepreneurs as being these larger-than-life figures that do things that “ordinary” folk can’t. While it’s undeniably true that […]