3 Things That Any Working Professional Should Work On

1). Make Your Co-Workers Feel Welcome   Whether the person is a volunteer, an intern, or fellow co-worker each individual should feel like they are part of the group. Workplaces are not meant to be cliques where only those deemed cool can fit in. Work is about teamwork, getting goals accomplished, and milestones. However, those


Honey and Butter: OC’s Finest Macarons

Macarons are an almond based dessert that are very trendy right now. It may be the beautiful colors or the delightful taste they have, but what we can’t deny is that macarons are quite popular. I recently tried Honey and Butter at their first retail store in Irvine Spectrum and I have to say that


Rockfire Grill: OC’s Newest Best Burger

Rockfire Grill serves American food, but with a fresh and healthy twist. Rockfire Grill makes burgers, flatbreads, and pizza on freshly baked flatbreads that are only cooked when a customer orders. The salads are made fresh as well and their 100% angus beef burgers are made from scratch and cooked to perfection. Their food as

Fashion Lifestyle

Decoding the Dress Code

Have you ever been invited to an event and had no idea how to dress? There many different dress attires and it can be hard to remember the rules for each one. To ease this pain here is a guide on what to wear for the occasion.   White Tie     Women: Formal long

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Pokémon Go: Gotta Catch Them All

The new app, Pokémon Go, is taking the world by storm. The app was released on July 6th and in just a day later it has become one of the most viral smartphone phone apps ever! By July 7th, Pokémon Go had more installations on Android phones than Tinder and the app is closing in