40 Days and 40 Nights Without Sugar: The Intro

Vincent Vitale By on March 1, 2017

That’s right! I’m doing it! The no sugar challenge, aka Lent. I’m going to go the next 40 days and 40 nights without consuming sugar, and I’m going to document the results on my body and mind.

First let’s talk about how this got started. I moved to Austin, Texas from sunny Laguna Beach mid January. Mid January follows Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. It also followed trips to Napa, moving, and not having any pots or pans for way longer than expected causing me to eat out more than I wanted.

The results were frightening. One day I took off my shirt and said, “Woah! Time for a change.” So I got lean and I got mean. I started exercising twice a day. Working out during sunrise and sunset. I also started eating right. This meant eating chicken and broccoli a few times a week, salads for lunch, and limiting my sugar. (Chicken by the way is an astonishing bio-hack for low calories and high protein.)

Fast forward 5 weeks. I’ve dropped some serious weight. My face looks leaner (I looked inflated for a hot second) and my stomach also looks better, and yet still not where I want it. I learned biologically, the male species burns weight in different areas first. For instance, I noticed I quickly dropped weight in my face within 2-3 days, but I still notice opportunity for improvement in my lower stomach.

This caused me to want to eliminate sugar all together. While I had leaned out, eliminated carbs, and started to get some muscle definition, I still had a sweet tooth. I also had an enabling fiancee that enjoys ice cream sandwiches. So we made a pact, 40 days without sugar. Let the documentation begin!

I kicked things off by going out with a bang on Mardi Gras. We went to Gourdough’s in downtown Austin which happens to reside WAY too close to where we live. While searching for a picture for this sinful doughnut shop to represent it’s taste, I spent an extra half hour rummaging through all of the delicious pictures. This 40 days may be harder than I expected.

Anyway, after being in a sugar coma/overdose and really over doing it by splitting 2 doughnuts, you really only need one, or a half, or a bite, I had consumed all the sugar I needed to get started on my kick.

What constitutes “No Sugar” you ask?

All of the processed sugars. Sugars like…

  • Cookies
  • Ice cream
  • Candy
  • Chocolate
  • Soda
  • Chasers
  • Sweet juices
  • Etc.
  • I’m also dramatically reducing carbs in general (flour tortillas may be my biggest challenge.)

So now I’m sitting here, day 1. Ready to document. I’ll keep you posted on all of my findings and struggles. It probably doesn’t help that I’m meeting with Jane from A Taste of Koko on Saturday either.

Lawd Help Me!