3 Things That Any Working Professional Should Work On

By on February 21, 2017

1). Make Your Co-Workers Feel Welcome


Whether the person is a volunteer, an intern, or fellow co-worker each individual should feel like they are part of the group. Workplaces are not meant to be cliques where only those deemed cool can fit in. Work is about teamwork, getting goals accomplished, and milestones. However, those things may not happen if people are feeling like they don’t belong. From Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it is shown that a sense of belonging is one of the basic needs for any individual. So if you see someone in your workplace feeling out of place, talk to them. See how they feel! They could just be having a bad day or they could be feeling down about how they treated in the office. Regardless of the reason, showing the extra effort of being friendly and warm with your co-workers will help them and motivate them. If you want to read more about this topic check out this article written by Neil Shah, Chief Executive of The Stress Management Society and MD.


2). Be Honest and Communicate Effectively With Others


If there’s a problem let people know. If you need extra assistance, let people know. Are you catching my drift? The whole point here is for things to get done you need to communicate with others. Communication isn’t just telling someone what to do. Make sure you give them time to ask questions and even some feedback. Sometimes the best ideas come from where you least expect them, but if you don’t take the time to listen then you may be missing out on some helpful advice. It’s important to remember that communication is a two-way street and for both parties to understand each other they both need to take the time and effort to listen and be honest.


3). Manage Your Stress
This may be seen as clichéd, but deep down I think we all know that this is true. A person is not at their best if they are stressed out so it important as people in the workforce that we learn to tame the beast that is stress. How can one accomplish this? Everyone should take a little time in their day to just relax. Alone time is also important because it gives the individual a chance to reflect and calm down. Make sure to get enough sleep and to eat enough throughout the day. There’s a saying that health is wealth and it cannot be more true. We depend on our bodies to work, have fun, and live so everyone should take the time necessary to care for themselves. There’s an interesting TedTalk by Kelly McGongial about how to make stress your friend. It’s a 14 minute video, but well worth your time.