1. You get to go for FREE. Need I say more? People pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars to attend top quality industry conferences. This is by far the best alternative, specifically if you’re just starting off in the entrepreneurship game or if you’re a broke ass college student looking for mentors.
2. You get more potential face time with speakers. If you sign up early enough or have made friends with the volunteer coordinator, you just might be able to choose your position. This means that you would be able to volunteer as the person that helps the speakers. Usually these titles fall under “Room Leader,” “Runner,” or even “Speaker Assistant”. One other way with getting an in with these speakers is volunteering for VIP afterparties, as they are usually paid for and are held off to the public. Point is, try to strategically place yourself!
3. You instantly provide value to everyone you speak to. If you’ve ever gone to a networking event with nothing to offer (you haven’t started ffa business and you’re probably just getting started with everything), it might be hard especially if you’re awkward and all you’re trying to do is meet people. As a volunteer, you instantly provide value not only to speakers, but also to regular attendees. It’s the best of both worlds!