1. Understanding your different employees perspectives. By attending conferences focused on different aspects of your business (from online marketing to user experience), you’d be able to understand not only how your employees work and their perspective even better, but more ways you can help improve their workflow.
2. Scoping who you just might need to hire next. They say as an entrepreneur, you should only hire for two reasons: for automation and for growth. By attending different conferences in different industries, you’d be able to see different jobs that would help you grow your business that you might not even heard of by sticking to just one industry.
3. Cross referencing different trade secrets for your industry. In “Steal Like An Artist,” Author, Austin Kleon, emphasizes how there are no such thing as an original idea and that you just can’t find the references. Whether it be for inspiration in ways you can grow your business, or literal processes that are used in different industries, you’ll be able to spur innovation by being influenced by how different industries work!